Top 5 Must-See Alberta Dispensaries

Dispensaries are growing in popularity throughout Alberta, and everyone is enjoying all they have to offer. Whether someone lives in Alberta or is just visiting, there's always a chance they’re going to need a dispensary.

The truth of the matter is the cannabis industry is growing with legalization, and knowing the best local dispensaries is ultimately going to save you time. This knowledge might even save you from visiting a lackluster dispensary that’s not carrying what you need.

Some tourists decide they need to find weed pipes Canadian residents enjoy while locals might be checking out the bongs or dab rigs that elevate their latest fresh bud or cannabis concentrate purchase.

Regardless of your preferences, visiting dispensaries in Alberta means it’s essential to check the best ones out first.

The Top 5 Dispensaries In Alberta

Dispensary #1: Nova Cannabis

Nova Cannabis is revolutionizing the way dispensaries are operating. By offering various sub-categories of bud, edibles, extracts, and Canadian cannabis accessories, this dispensary is providing the products locals need. They're also well known for bringing top-quality flowers, oils, capsules, seeds, pre-rolls, and concentrates to the industry.

They’re also offering their assistance when it comes to understanding different strains, and in our opinion, they’re one of the better Alberta dispensaries around.

One of the best aspects of Nova Cannabis is their website. Going through their website shows just how in-depth this dispensary’s knowledge is in regards to the products they’re offering. The strains the website is portraying alone are enough to showcase precisely what one can expect when shopping here.

Nova Cannabis also separates its products in relation to how they assist cannabis enthusiasts. Each of the cannabis product descriptions provides adequate information for patients and recreational users to make an informed decision. Out of all the Edmonton dispensaries, Nova Cannabis is one of the go-tos, and it’s not hard to see why.

Dispensary #2: Fire and Flower

Fire and Flower is a dispensary bringing transparency to the cannabis industry.

While cannabis is newly legal throughout the Alberta region, this company is attempting to ease users into the legalization. This dispensary understands the struggles cannabis users have gone through over the years, focusing on providing a sense of ease the moment someone steps into one of their businesses. With their clients in mind, they incorporate a wide selection that fulfills the needs of the beginners and experienced cannabis users alike.

This dispensary is popular because of the extra effort they’re putting towards informing Canadians about cannabis through science. Fire and Flower is looking to become the go-to experts in this industry, opting to handpick strains and accessories to craft client experiences. The company also provides in-depth training to ensure their Cannistas share insight, advice, and education while providing quick service.

We should also add that the designs and layouts of their dispensaries are absolutely beautiful and provide a perfect environment for your next purchase!

Dispensary #3: Spiritleaf

Out of all the dispensaries around, Spiritleaf brings some serious product to the table. This dispensary is seemingly selling everything a cannabis enthusiast might need while focusing on selling high-quality cannabis, pushing for amplification of cannabis culture, and meeting the needs of the local community. Everyone in this dispensary receives excellent training and helps to educate customers without hesitation.

What’s nice about this dispensary is the care it places on elevating cannabis culture. With cannabis just recently being legalized, this is an important aspect when it comes to normalizing the plant. The engagements this dispensary commits to emphasize the need to inform and educate, and this helps the community immensely.

Dispensary #4: Green Mountain Cannabis


Green Mountain Cannabis is constantly updating their cannabis products, and this dispensary doesn’t stop at distributing cannabis. Whether a customer needs something to smoke out of or a rolling tray, this dispensary has all the necessities and frills covered. The vibe of the shop is rather comfortable, and the organization of its products makes it very easy to navigate.

This dispensary’s staff really make it a pleasure to visit as well. They’re incredibly knowledgeable and work hard to ensure each person finds exactly what they’re looking for. In turn, this makes it easy for whoever walks in their doors, providing customers with the unrivaled experience they’re looking for.

Dispensary #5: New Leaf Cannabis

New Leaf Cannabis is bringing out the best in local cannabis distribution. From the comfortable atmosphere to the idea behind the name of this dispensary, every aspect of it pushes positivity. The organization believes that providing healthy, safe, and friendly cannabis distribution is essential, and this is something customers enjoy.

As one of the better Calgary dispensaries this region has to offer, cannabis users are flocking to this shop to obtain the products they need. This is due to how the company emphasizes the importance of community. So far, this team has reached 25 communities, engaging with them in a way that educates on cannabis. The education New Leaf Cannabis is providing these communities with follows their mission to help Canadians “turn over a new leaf” regarding how they view and consume cannabis.